Campuses & Equipment

Campuses & Equipment

ESMA CG School offers a work environment which meets its students' expectations. It is also thought so that they can freely develop their artistic and technical skills.

The life on the campuses

ESMA offers its students very confortable frameworks
Our schools are located in both culturally and professionally dynamic and welcoming cities : Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes & Toulouse. 
At ESMA, the students can evolve in spacious buildings designed by renowned architects, within actual campuses. In fact, each one of our schools has been built right next to an Artemisia residence, offering hundreds of accommodations.

ESMA is very committed to make its students everyday life's as easy as possible. 

To benefit from a large equipment

ESMA CG School brings ideal work conditions 
Our CG & VFX School offers its students all the necessary equipment for their learning. In addition to many professional software available within the school (Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Renderman, Yeti,...), high-performance workstations are at everyone's disposal as well.

The classrooms are organised to meet all the needs the students may require. Also, art studios and computer rooms are specifically dedicated to arts.