September 2017

CG & FX School : English training in France

The new Lyon campus, which opens in September, will offer students the opportunity to join ESMA's CG and FX course in English.
With over 800 graduate students currently working in the greatest studios in the world, an employment rate exceeding 93% six months after graduation and reaching 100% after one year, the professional degree in CG Animation and Special Effects has grown to become a reference, not only in France, but through out the world.

Ranked as 7th animation school in the world by the site Animation Career Review in 2015 and 2016, ESMA proposes internationally acclaimed trainings in Montpellier,
Toulouse, Nantes and Lyon. The end-of study short films are selected in several prestigious festivals : Oscar Nominated Short Films ("Highly Commended" list), Annecy, Siggraph, Animago...
Our training is constantly tailored to the requirements of  the  animation  market.  We  make  sure  to  give  our  students  the  keys  to  success  with  every  necessary   prerequisite guaranteeing speedy integration in the professional world of animation.
With us, learn how to be creative for today and for tomorrow. CG at ESMA is more in line than ever with the professional world.

According to Shelley Page, Talent Manager at Dreamworks : "I feel flattered to have been associated with the work of the marvelous school for so many years, and when I talk to my colleagues at Dreamworks, I often tell them ESMA is one of the two best schools, not just in France, in the whole world."

Dylan Sisson, Technical Marketing Specialist at Pixar : "to  prepare  themselves  for  the  professional  world, ESMA students learn the importance of collaboration in a hands on, deadline based environment. They work closely with passionate and experienced instructors to produce ambitious animated shorts"

Jason Figliozzi at Disney Animation : "ESMA is an outstanding school ! The animation and VFX produced by the students  is  impressive  on  every  level. I always look forward to seeing the final projects!"

Here is the video of the 3D curriculum in English proposed in Lyon.

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CG & FX training - In Lyon (France)
CG & FX training - In Lyon (France)
One of the world's top 10 schools of CG & FX  (*ACR rankings)
One of the world's top 10 schools of CG & FX (*ACR rankings)